Environmental Activity

Conducts its corporate activities aiming at coexistence and harmony among human beings,carbon and nature and contributing to preserving the global environments.

To begin with, Toyo Tanso believes industry of the 21st century must show concern for the global environment. Carbon is the second most abundant element on earth after silicon, nonetheless it is a limited resource and thereby requires first and foremost that recycling be promoted. With regard to waste generated in our manufacturing processes, we are directing production engineering and research and development with our minds fixed on minimizing -- if not completely eliminating -- waste generation along production lines. In an effort to sustain a good global environment, department in charge of Environmental Safety is watching the amount of waste generated and the corresponding reduction measures taken by our various departments. At the same time, the effective use of waste graphite material is a development theme in R & D, and we have implemented activities to raise the awareness of environmental protection amongst our entire workforce. It is management policy at Toyo Tanso to act as a responsible eco-friendly company as we go about our business everyday.

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