Investor Relations

Message from the President

The TOYO TANSO GROUP contributes to the world through the pursuit of the possibilities inherent in carbon (C). Naotaka Kondo, Representative Director, Chairman & President, CEO

Overview for the 77th fiscal year

重庆百变王牌投注In the global economy during the consolidated fiscal year under review, the economies of the United States and Europe showed signs of recovery, and emerging markets remained strong. The Japanese economy moderately recovered with corporate earnings and employment conditions gradually improving, despite concerns over the impacts of a spate of natural disasters.

With regard to the business environment surrounding the Group, demand for products for various wafer manufacturing equipment increased, supported by the strong semiconductor market, and electric discharge machining electrodes for automobiles and pantograph sliders of trains continued to be firm in the transportation equipment-related market. Meanwhile, the energy-related market saw a slowdown in demand for solar cells in the second half influenced by policy changes of the Chinese government and other factors.

Under such circumstances, the Group strove to reinforce production and sale of high-value-added products and to improve productivity toward achieving the medium-term management plan. Further, we recorded substantially higher revenue and profits in the period under review, thanks to the sales of 3.2 billion yen of graphite materials for China's high-temperature gas-cooled reactor for which we accepted an order in 2008.

Considering this performance, the Company intends to distribute a year-end dividend of 50 yen per share for the current term, an increase of 20 yen from the previous year.

Future outlook

Looking at the future business environment in Japan and overseas, although the effects of protectionist policies are still of concern in the American economy, its employment situation remains steady。 The European economy is also expected to remain strong as a whole despite the influence of the UK's exit from the EU。 Meanwhile, there are concerns over a slowdown in the Chinese economy, which has been driving the world economy, due to the trade friction between the United States and China。 For these reasons, the overseas economy remains uncertain。

In the Japanese economy, although corporate earnings and the employment situation are gradually improving, uncertainties in overseas economies, and fluctuations in fuel prices and exchange rates could adversely affect the economy。

Regarding the situation the Group finds itself in, intense competition with our competitors is expected to continue despite favorable demand for our mainstay products such as special graphite products。

Under these circumstances, the Group will make the Medium-Term Management Plan TVC 2022 concretely, announced in February 2018, steer toward further growth, and work to strengthen the competitiveness of existing businesses and embark on new business domains based on the formulated action plan。

I deeply appreciate our shareholders' continued support.

September, 2019

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