Carbon Brush

Because of the sliding contact they make, motor brushes play an important part in flowing electric current between stationary and rotary parts. Brush performance greatly determines the performance of rotary equipment such as motors and generators, therefore brushes must be carefully selected. Toyo Tanso's brushes are active across a broad span of industry, centered primarily on small brushes for home appliances and power tools.

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At Toyo Tanso group, we offer an entire array of brushes, including for general industrial use, vacuum cleaners, automotive, home electronic appliances, power tool motors, electrical supply, micro motors, and more.

General industrial

DC motors, Electrical trains, Wind-generated power

直流機.jpg 電車.jpg 風力発電.jpg

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners


Automotive application

Automobiles, Forklifts


Home application/Power tools

Washing machines, Disk grinders

洗濯機.jpg ディスクグラインダ.jpg

Power supply



Micro motors, etc.


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