Special Graphite

Keeping abreast of times, business markets demanded a finer grade carbon of more stable properties. Ahead of the rest of the industry, Toyo Tanso developed an "isotropic graphite" which is pressed by Cold Isostatic Press, having superfine isotropic microstructure. We have established world level technology that enables this isotropic graphite to fully exhibit its superior properties in the fields of nuclear power which requires high reliability, electrical discharge processing where accuracy is everything, and semiconductors which supports today's hi-tech wave.

photo of Special Graphite


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Toyo Tanso's special graphite products are highly regarded for their excellent performance and reliability and are used across a wide range of fields that are essential in our everyday lives.
In the environmental and energy industry, our products are used for solar cell manufacturing, atomic power and aerospace applications.
In the electronics industry, we provide materials for various manufacturing process such as polycrystalline silicon and single crystal silicon, white LEDs, and high-frequency device.
Basic applications of our products include industrial furnaces, continuous casting dies such as those for copper alloys, optical fibers, and EDM electrodes for mold manufacture.

Environmental and Energy

●Solar Cell and Wafer Manufacturing
●Atomic Power: High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor, Nuclear Fusion
●Fluorine Electrolysis
●Nuclear Fusion
●Fuel Cells


●Silicon Semi-conductor Manufacturing Application
 Polycrystalline silicon manufacture
Single crystal silicon manufacturing equipment
 Susceptors for epitaxial Growth
Plasma CVD electrodes
Ion implantation
Hermetic sealing jigs
●Compound Semi-conductor Manufacturing Applications
Crystal Manufacturing Equipment Parts
MOCVD Susceptors
●LCD Panel Manufacturing Applications
Heater Panels
Electrode for plasma Etching
●Hard Disk Manufacturing Applications
重庆百变王牌投注Sputtering Targets


●Continuous Casting
●Hot Press
●Industrial Furnace
●Vacuum Evaporation Crucibles
●Gas Analysis Crucibles
●Optical Fiber Manufacturing
Muffle Tube
●EDM Electrodes


  • IG_img_sideheaterSide heater
  • IG_img_dies.jpgContinuous Casting Dies
  • IG_img_edmEDM Electrodes for speaker
  • 放電加工用電極(ホイール).jpgEDM Electrodes for car wheel
  • MOCVDサセプター.jpgMOCVD Susceptor
  • ガス分析用るつぼ.jpgVacuum Evaporation Crucibles
  • パンケーキ型サセプター.jpgPancake susceptor
  • 工業炉用ヒーター.jpgHeater
  • ホットプレス用鋳型.jpgHot Press Mold (Cut Model)
  • ヒーター.jpgHeater
  • 封着用治具.jpgSealing Jigs
  • 角形るつぼ.jpgRectangular Crucibles


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