High Temperature

heat treatment Heat-treatment furnaces are used to process metals, ceramics, and a variety of other components. These furnaces include metal treatment furnaces, vacuum furnaces, and atmosphere furnaces, all of which differ in terms of temperature, atmosphere, and other usage conditions.
In heat treatment furnaces where heat treatment processes with extremely harsh conditions (high-temperature environments in excess of 1000°C) are used, common metals (e.g. iron and stainless steel) are unable to withstand use as parts.
Isotropic graphite--which has excellent thermal durability--is therefore used in place of such metals in heaters, structures, product processing jigs, shelves, and similar components used in furnace interiors. In addition, Toyo Tanso provides high-strength , lightweight C/C composites, and can propose measures to extend product life and save energy.

C/C Composite components for heat treatment

Capable of withstanding ultra-high-temperature atmospheres, graphite is used in a variety of heat-treatment furnace components.

C/C composite is a carbon-carbon composite material reinforced by high strength carbon fiber for improving mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance. C/C composite is a high-strength lightweight material suitable for heat treatment trays. C/C composite's density is only 1/5 of steel, so C/C trays are much easier to handle. Also, it is about 10 times stronger than steel at 1000℃ and there is no thermal deformation. Because of these excellent features, C/C composite trays realize process capacity increase and running cost reduction.

Products name Features Product example
Base tray
Customized designs corresponding to your request for maximum load.

Customized designs corresponding to your work size. Productivity improvement by piling up the baskets.
Roller hearth

High heat resistance and no thermal deformation help stable conveying.
Mesh tray Mesh structure brings high gas permeability. Combination use with grid & basket is an option.
Wavy tray Stabilize the work, even cylindrical products can be used. Combination use with grid & basket is an option.

There is no drop in spring pressure at high temperature, it can be used for pressurization fixation.


  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Induction heating and direct electrification possible
  • Good workability Lightweight, reduction of energy loss (C/C composite)

By customized design that makes use of the high functionality of C / C composite, work efficiency can be increased. Please feel free to contact us.

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