Hot Press

Hot Press

Hot Press Possessing excellent thermal durability, chemical resistance, and thermal shock resistance, graphite is an ideal material for hot press components under harsh usage condition.

There is a great variety of hot press equipment designed for different temperatures, pressures, atmospheres, and molded products.

Isotropic graphite—which has excellent thermal durability, chemical resistance, and thermal shock resistance—can be used under extremely harsh conditions (high-temperature environments in excess of around 1000°C) that other heat-resistant alloys and similar materials are incapable of withstanding. As such, it is used in major components for hot press equipment (including dies, punches, and heaters).

Compared to other heat-resistant alloys and ceramics, isotropic graphite offers good workability, which allows it to be used in large-scale designs.

In addition, Toyo Tanso's high-strength C/C composites are used in dies capable of withstanding high-pressure molding, while our graphite sheets (PERMA-FOIL®) with heat-spreading and mold-release propertiesare widely used as a mold facing  in powder metallurgy and ceramics manufacturing processes.


  • Excellent thermal durability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Induction heating and direct electrification possible
  • Good workability
  • High strength
  • Excellent heat-spreading and mold-release properties (PERMA-FOIL® graphite sheets)
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