Solar cell

polycrystalline silicon manufacturing equipment

Solar cell Toyo Tanso can propose the ideal material and shape from a variety of graphite materials to respond to requests for larger equipment sizes, performance enhancements, and other changes to polycrystalline silicon manufacturing equipment.

Our graphite products are widely used in the polycrystalline silicon manufacturing process—one of the processes used to manufacture the photovoltaic cells in solar panels。

When manufacturing the silicon ingots used to form these photovoltaic cells, the melting temperature is extremely high at approximately 1,500°C. Isotropic graphite—which has excellent thermal durability—is therefore extensively employed in rectangular crucibles, heaters, protective covers for insulation, and other components used in casting furnaces.

Larger ingot sizes are also being developed with the aim of improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

To respond to such size increases, we can design lighter furnaces using isotropic graphite materials and C/C composites, and can also propose optimal shapes to extend product life using our analytical technologies。


  • Excellent Thermal Durability
  • Highly reliable material with a small characteristic variation
  • High Electrical Resistance
  • Light Weight
  • High-Strength

high-purity polysilicon manufacturing

Solar cell重庆百变王牌投注 Toyo Tanso can supply the ideal material to match usage conditions and degree of purity in high-purity polysilicon manufacturing.

Our ultra-high-purity graphite products are extensively used in reactors and converters in the manufacturing process for high-purity polysilicon, the raw material of the silicon wafers used in semiconductors and photovoltaic cells。

Graphite's high purity and excellent electrical conductivity are used to advantage in seed chucks, which come into direct contact with the silicon seed, and components for use in furnace interiors.

We supply a wide range of grades and can select the ideal material to match a variety of requests such as those for quality improvements and cost reductions.  


  • Excellent Electrical Conductivity
  • Excellent Thermal Durability
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • High purified products is available
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