Surface Treatment

SiC coated graphite PERMA KOTE™

SiC coated graphite PERMA KOTE™ With the rapid progress in higher density semiconductor products, high purified graphite has grown in demand so as to reduce gas desorption of carbon surfaces as well as the amount of dust and impurities. Made by depositing a SiC layer on isotropic graphite using CVD process, PERMA KOTE™ is widely used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.
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Pyrolytic graphite coating PYROGRAPH™

Pyrolytic graphite coating PYROGRAPH™ PYROGRAPH™ is a high purity graphite product on which we deposit pyrolytic carbon using an original CVD process of our own. It has the effect of reducing gas permeation and preventing reactions, for which it is often used for analytical equipment parts, high temperature reactor parts and all kinds of tools.
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Glass-like carbon coated GLASTIX KOTE™

Glass-like carbon coated GLASTIX KOTE™ GLASTIX KOTE™ is a graphite substrate impregnated or coated with glass-like carbon. It has the effect of preventing dust and improving surface hardness, which has made it widely used in semiconductor and metallurgic fields.
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