Pyrolytic graphite coating PYROGRAPH™


Cross-section of PYROGRAPH™
under Polarization Microscope

PYROGRAPH™ is a high purity graphite product on which we deposit pyrolytic carbon using an original CVD process of our own. It has the effect of reducing gas permeation and preventing reactions, for which it is often used for analytical equipment parts, high temperature reactor parts and all kinds of tools.


  • Very fine and high density
  • Ultra-high purity
  • High oxidation resistance at low temperatures
  • High chemical resistance
  • Able to reduce gas desorption to a negligible amount


  • Gas-impermeable reaction tubes
  • Suscepters, boards and jigs for semiconductors
  • Tubes for atomic absorption spectroscopy
  • Crusibles for melting metals

Physical Properties of PYROGRAPH™ Pyrolytic graphite coating

Item Unit Parallel to Coating Surface Perpendicular to Coating Surfaces
Bulk Density Mg/m3 2.2 2.2
Hardness HSD 100
Electrical Resistivity μΩ・m 2.00~4.00 2~5×103
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-6/K 1.7 28
Tensile Strength MPa 98~147 Extremely weak
Young's Modulus GPa 29~39
Thermal Conductivity W/(m・K) 170~420 2~4

*The temperature range for the coefficient of thermal expansion is RT to 1000℃.
*The figures above are extracted from other publications, and are not to be guaranteed.

PYROGRAPH™ Cross section(×500)

The column-shaped structure of the pyrolytic carbon layer means that the structure is extremely fine.

Impurity analysis example

Element Content
B < 0.01
Na 0.03
Al 0.02
Cr < 0.1
Fe < 0.01
Ni < 0.01

*Measurement method: Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry
*The figures above are extracted from other publications, and are not to be guaranteed.


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