Metal/Carbon Composites KLASTA MATE™

klastamate1.jpgIntroducing KLASTA MATE™, a metal-carbon composite combining a desired concentration of metal with carbon.

KLASTA MATE™ is a composite material combining metal and carbon. Its structure consists of metal particles dispersed homogeneously through a carbon material. KLASTA MATE is notable as it can be constructed by combining a required metal at a required concentration with carbon. It can be used with the majority of metals on the periodic table. It can also be made from a combination of two or more types of metal. KLASTA MATE™ is used as a raw material for combining nanocarbons typified by metallofullerenes and carbon nanotubes. Using it as a sputtering target and evaporation source for arc ion plating, makes it also suitable for forming diamond-like carbon (DLC) films doped with metal elements.

Standard grade※/Prototype grade

Grade Doped metal Doped concentration(atomic%) Application
KM-034※ Fe 1.0 Single-walled carbon nanotubes manufacturing
KM-101※ Ni:Y 4.2 : 1.0 Single-walled carbon nanotubes manufacturing
KM-8LA La 0.8 Metallofullerene manufacturing
KM-8CE Ce 0.8 Metallofullerene manufacturing
KM-8GD GD 0.8 Metallofullerene manufacturing
KM-50SI Si 5.0 Si-doped DLC thin film forming

This table shows unguaranteed representative values.
For customizing doped elements and concentrations, contact our sales representative.

Standard grade

Grade Deped metal Doped concentration(atomic%) Bulk Density(Mg/m3) Electrical Resistivity(μΩ・m) Flexural Strength(MPa)
KM-034 Fe 1.0 1.35 70 30
KM-101 Ni : Y 4.2 : 1.0 1.50 100 25

重庆百变王牌投注This table shows unguaranteed representative values。


  • Metal particles are dispersed homogeneously through the carbon material, creating a uniform vapor composition
  • Can be used with a wide range of dopant species and concentrations
  • Can be used with two or more dopants
  • Low admixture of impurities in synthesized materials
  • High workability. Can be used for complex shapes


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