Toyo Tanso can offer various machining, such as large size or precision machining。


High Difficulty machining

Toyo Tanso's special and stable equipment and unique technical know-how enable us to respond to the high difficulty machining.

Thin-wall machining

process_2.jpg We can successfully perform challenging thin-wall machining work by optimizing jigs and machining methods. (Example: Hollow cylinder with thickness of 0.2 mm)

3D machining

processing_3.jpgWe prepare a 3D model based on drawings and write programs to manufacture the desired product. Upon request, we are also able to measure an actual product and produce items based on the actual dimensions.

Special internal-diameter machining

process_5.jpgWe can perform special, internal-diameter machining work to make monolithic items without cutting the workpiece into sections. (Maximum machinable dimensions: φ300 mm L = 400 mm)

Assembly Services

重庆百变王牌投注We can offer high precision services with our ability to manufacture products from design stage right through to the machining and assembly stages.

Graphite assembly

process_6.jpgOur ability to manufacture products from the design stage right through to the machining and assembly stages allows us to put products together and conduct operation tests after assembly.

C/C composite assembly

process_4.jpgOur ability to manufacture products from the design stage right through to the machining and assembly stages allows us to ship products after checking assembly precision.

Other machinings

From mass-produced products to low-volume made to-order products, or large size machining, our latest technology enable us to respond to the high expectations of customer's request。

Large sealing rings

 process_8.jpg 重庆百变王牌投注We can produce sealing rings for large machinery, which are notoriously hard to manufacture. By producing products with precise parallelism, flatness, surface roughness, and other properties, we ensure that our sealing rings are able to maintain highly airtight seals. (Maximum machinable diameter: φ500 mm)

Shrink fitting and assembly

process_9.jpgWe can shrink fit carbon and metal, and can also assemble products using adhesion. (Maximum machinable diameter: Up to φ600 mm)

Sectional machining

Sectional_Machining.jpg We can perform sophisticated machining tasks such as ensuring that there are no gaps (no light leakage) between mating surfaces, as required in sectioned products used in compressor piston rings and similar applications. Consult us regarding shapes and numbers of sections. (Maximum machinable diameter: φ1,400 mm)

Porous materials

process_13.jpgBy using a multi-head machining center we are able to precision-machine very demanding porous items quickly.


process_14.jpgFrom mass-produced products for automobiles to low-volume made-to-order products for general industry, we can produce a wide range of vanes--which require very demanding dimensional precision--with consistent quality.

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