New Developed Products

Porous Carbon (CNovel™)

Porous Carbon (CNovel™) CNovel™ has a special, high-mesoporous structure that is unlike that of typical carbon materials like activated carbon. It is a new carbon material that was hitherto considered almost impossible to obtain via mass production.
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TaC-coated Graphite EVEREDKOTE™-B

TaC-coated Graphite EVEREDKOTE™-B EVEREDKOTE™-B is a high-purity isotropic graphite substrate covered with dense tantalum carbide via CVD.
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TaC/Ta Composite EVEREDKOTE™-K

TaC/Ta Composite EVEREDKOTE™-K High-purity tantalum with a tantalum carbide surface layer formed using a carburizing method
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重庆百变王牌投注Metal/Carbon Composites KLASTA MATE™

Metal/Carbon Composites KLASTA MATE™ Introducing KLASTA MATE™, a metal–carbon composite combining a desired concentration of metal with carbon.
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Metal Carbide-coated Graphite MetalizeKote™

Metal Carbide-coated Graphite MetalizeKote™ Carbon product series having metal carbide surface layers formed using the Toyo Tanso metalizing technology
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